Come meet Lulu and her friends: Milky, Bob, Max, Toby, Jill, Lucy, Rudy and Tom. All of Lulu's friends are recyclable consumer goods that represent a part of life cycle of environmentally friends products.

Our mission

We help parents develop kids creativity by playing both in real-life and online using our eco-friendly and technology driven activity books.

What we believe in

We believe that when we finish to use a product, we should do our best to ensure that its raw materials be reused and recycled for the future of our children and our earth. So, get some crayons and start coloring with Painting Lulu! Your kids can start coloring with our Coloring App or print them for free. Theses coloring pages are fun and easy way to help kids develop motor skills,understand color concepts, improve eye-hand coordiantion and enhance picture comprehension.

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